Challenge FAQ


Is it free to join the challenge?

Yes! It’s completely free – all recipes, shopping lists and information will be sent straight to your inbox without cost. The only thing that you have to do is to sign up in order to get this. Sign up here

Is this a fast or a weight loss program?

No, this is not a fast or a diet. You will be eating regular meals as normal, the only difference is that you will replace one meal a day with a healthy smoothie, or have it as a snack. However, you will most likely loose some weight if your body needs to, but the main goal here is to begin a new habit of including more fruit and greens into you daily diet.

Will I live on smoothies only for 30 days?

No, absolutely not. You will eat your regular meals as normal, the only difference is that you will replace one meal of your choice per day for a healthy smoothie, or have it as a snack. That’s all.

What happens after signing up?

After signing up for the 30 day challenge you will receive an email to your inbox asking you to confirm your subscription. After you’ve done this you’re in! Recipes and instructions will show up in your inbox about a week before the challenge begins.

How can I best prepare myself for the coming challenge?

You don’t really have to do anything more than buy or borrow a blender, this is your essential tool that will help you make this happen. It might also be a good idea to buy some mason jars or other air tight container/bottle so that you can store left overs in the best possible way.

Will there be a new recipe for every day during 30 days?

No, we think that would be a little daunting for you to shop for. We will send you new recipes once a week with a complete shopping list. Then, if you feel creative you can come up with your own recipes based on those or find others on our website.

What type of blender do I need?

You can get started with any blender, but for greens such as kale or raw nuts to mix until completely smooth without chunks, you need a high speed blender, see our recommended products page. But remember that the most important thing is to get started, not to have the perfect blender from day 1.

How many servings of smoothie will one recipe generate?

One serving size is about 2 cups and one recipe generates about 4-5 cups, which makes it ideal to split it with your partner or children, or save for later as an afternoon snack for example.

How can I store a smoothie for later?

If you don’t drink all of your fresh smoothie at once, just put it in a mason jar or any other type of container where no air can get inside and oxidize your smoothie. It will last like this for 1-2 days in the fridge but it’s best to drink it within 4 hours, especially the green smoothies since the flavor changes over time, and not always for the better 🙂

Is it ok to use frozen fruit?

Yes, frozen fruit work great in smoothies and you get a nice and chilled result. To save money, buy fruit in volume when you find a good deal and then freeze it yourself for future needs.



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