Detox water & spring feelings

Today was the day. You know that feeling when the first real day of spring comes, and you suddenly realize that you have all those warm happy days in front of you? I love that feeling and I had it today.

Spring has been in the air here for a couple of weeks now and I think that’s why we’ve been making lots of refreshing fruit water lately. It’s detoxing, super fresh and the easiest thing to make, plus it tastes great (much better than you can imagine). We simply had to share this with you.

Most of us need to be drinking more water on a daily basis, but if you’re not used to this it can be quite hard to keep up. That’s why this tip is so good. Fruit infused water is the best alternative to sugary soft drinks because it’s just made with freshly sliced fruit and cold water. Nothing else.

So when you go to work tomorrow, bring a water jug or big mason jar with you, along with whatever fruit you have at home (optional: bring happy straws). When you get there, start the day by doing this:

1. Thinly slice the fruit with a knife. It could be as simple as an apple, a lemon or an orange. Or a mix if you wish.

2. Put the fruit into your jug and add cold water. Done!

Optional: If you have the possibility to let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes, this will help the flavors to develop a bit more, but it works just as well without it.

Just keep adding water to your jug with fruit throughout the day and you’ll notice that you’re drinking far more water than normally.

10 great flavor combinations

1. Watermelon & rosemary

2. Citrus & ginger

3. Raspberry & lime

4. Cucumber & mint

5. Lemon & cucumber

6. Pineapple & mint

7. Strawberry & orange

8. Blood orange & mango

9. Kiwi & lime

10. Blackberry & basil


How can fruit infused water be so tasty?

When you first picture the idea of fruit water, it might seem like it won’t taste of anything much. After all it’s just water and some fruit. But you’ll be surprised that it does! When you put sliced fruit in water it will quickly adopt the flavor of the fruit. Why? When you thinly slice fruit, you are creating lots of fresh fruit surface that come in contact with the water. The juice from the fruit is mixing with the water and does all the work for you. It’s as simple as that. The more slices you make from your chosen fruit, the more flavorful the water. You can also use a fork to mush up the fruit a little and it will taste even more.

What is spa water?

Did you know that infused water is also called spa water? This is because it’s often served in spas and resorts where it’s hot and humid and important to keep hydrated. Another great benefit of this water is that it’s detoxing, and this rimes well with the concept of a spa as a health institution.

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