How to Prep for Fast & Easy Smoothie Making

Making a smoothie requires a little prep-work, this can easily be done once a week (or once a month) instead of every day using our tips below. By investing a little time up front, you set yourself up for easy smoothie making all week long.


What you need: Knife, cutting board, zip-top bags or mason jars and a pen.


Nummer-ett-smallChoose the recipe you want to prep for and take out the fruit and greens needed.


Nummer-tva-smallChop up the ingredients and measure them according to the recipe.




Nummer-tre-smallPlace the ingredients (exact measurements for one recipe) in a plastic zip-top bag or in a mason jar, whichever you prefer to use.




Nummer-fyra-smallLabel it with the recipe name and date.


5When it’s time to make a smoothie, simply take out a bag or jar from the freezer, add the greens (if you are using greens) to your blender along with your liquid base. Blend until liquefied.




6Add your fruit and other ingredients and blend until smooth, enjoy!





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