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New Start Smoothies helps people to make healthy smoothies a part of their lives, share their own experiences and help promote the fantastic health benefits that they provide.

Healthy smoothies is the perfect way to incorporate more fruit and greens into your diet, and we want to show you how this simple method can make a big impact on your health and energy levels.

In our experience, most people want to eat healthier, but just don’t know how to start. Most people also know that fruit and greens are really important, but eating a big plate of it just puts them off.

This is where we want to help.


By drinking smoothies you can easily including a lot more raw whole foods into your diet, the best starting point for increasing energy levels, loosing weight and heal from illness. You can actually increase your fruit- and veg-intake by several hundred percent over night! I’m sure you can see what a big impact this could have on your current diet and wellbeeing.

Making smoothies is also easy to learn, fits into any busy schedule and require no cooking skills. And best of all – they taste delicious.

By following our concept you can really make a new start for yourself and your family. We will guide you all the way; provide you with tools and recipes, answer your questions and inspire you to keep going. Please remember that you are not alone in this. Welcome to the community and to a new start!


We focus on healthy, nutritious smoothies that will help build a better immune system, boost your energy levels and recharge your body with vitamins and minerals. This is not a page where you will find sugary dessert-like smoothies full of ice-cream and chocolate sauce. All our recipes are packed with plant-based goodness from leafy greens, fruits, nuts, seeds and other whole foods. All our recipes are also free from gluten and dairy which makes it easy for you to cut down on those in your diet, should you wish to.

Another important aspect of New Start Smoothies is that we think it should be super easy to get started. That’s why our 30-day challenge has a really easy system to follow, made especially for smoothie beginners.


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Why smoothies? This article gives you all the answers.
Get Started Guide, a step by step guide to quickly get going.

Join now and welcome to a new start!

– Sofia & Michael

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