Making smoothies: 16 ways to do it better


We realized the other day that we’ve been making smoothies on a daily basis for over four years now, close to five actually. That’s a long time and many bananas bought. Starting the day with a raw breakfast has been such a life changer for us and something that we just won’t skip.

But making successful and yummy smoothies is not just about the ingredients and the tasty recipes, it’s also about how you make them. In this post we’ve gathered some of our best tips from over the years for you. Enjoy!

1. Put the liquid in first

This might seem obvious but if you haven’t thought of why this is important you might have missed it. Adding the liquid first is easier on the blender and gets things moving faster.

2. Blend liquid and greens first

For green smoothies, this tip is awesome. Add liquid and greens to your blender and blend until smooth, then add the rest of the ingredients. This is the best way to avoid chunks in your smoothies.

3. Start on low speed

If you’re blending whole nuts, big frozen fruit or other chunky ingredients, start by blending on low speed until the big pieces begin to break up, then turn the speed up slowly as you see the ingredients becoming more and more blended. This way you keep your blender safe from shaking like a tumble dryer.

Another way to do it is to turn your blender on and add the big frozen fruit after a little while rather than putting it all in and turning it on. Most blenders have a hole in the lid for this so you don’t have to turn it off as you do it. But all blenders are different and you just have to experiment with what works best for yours.

4. Swap ice for frozen fruit

Skip the ice and use frozen fruit instead. Ice just dilutes the flavor plus the frozen fruit makes your smoothie nice and creamy as an extra bonus.

5. Sweeten naturally

Choose natural sweeteners like a ripe banana, grapes, honey, stevia, dates, agave syrup or freshly made fruit juices instead of sugar or chemical sweeteners.

6. Don’t like the flavor of bananas?

Buy bananas when they are not yet fully ripe (a little green left on the skin) and freeze them whole without the skin. When it’s time to make a smoothie, take a banana from the freezer, break it up into pieces and add to your smoothie. Using them when they are a little unripe means they have not yet developed that strong banana flavor yet. Freezing them also reduces the flavor plus it makes the smoothie extra creamy and cold. See this article for ideas on how to replace bananas all together.

7. How to freeze bananas

You don’t need to cut up bananas before you freeze them, just peel them and place them into a zip-top bag or a freezer safe container. Break the frozen banana into pieces before adding it to your blender.

8. Use tea as liquid base

Ever tried using cold tea as your liquid base? It’s great! You can use any tea that you like but we prefer green tea or herbal tea such as peppermint, red bush or green tea with jasmine flavor. You get the liquid base plus the health benefits of the tea or herbs used and it adds flavor too.

9. Pre-mixing smoothie add-ons to save time

If you are frequently adding protein powder, superfood powders, cacao, spices etc to your smoothies, mix them all up in one container. When it’s time to make a smoothie, just add a couple of scoops to your blender and you’re done with opening and closing five different bags every single time.

10. Dedicate a corner of your kitchen to making smoothies

Are you currently taking out the blender from a cupboard each and every time you make a smoothie? This often results in making less smoothies due to the hassle. If you don’t want to leave it on your kitchen top, buy a little table dedicated for your blender and your smoothie pantry.

11. Why you should buy frozen fruit when it’s not in season

If a fruit is not in season you might be better off buying it frozen from the shop. The reason for this is that fruit that has to travel a long way is often picked unripe in order to survive the shipping without going bad. Frozen fruit is picked when it’s ripe and goes directly from field to processing which means that the nutrients have fully developed.

12. No waste tip for strawberries

Instead of throwing away the green tops of strawberries as you cut them off, try freezing them and use as greens in your smoothies.

13. Freeze tea cubes

Another idea is to brew a tea that you like (preferably green tea or herbal tea), chill it and freeze in the ice cube tray. When frozen, remove from the tray and put it them in a zip-top bag. Add this as a herbal ice to your smoothies. Always add ice or frozen tea cubes to your blender last!

Another great tip is to add some water and a drop of washing up liquid to your blender jug and putting it back on the blender base. Start the blender and run for 10-20 seconds and then rinse. Easy peasy!

14. Freeze citrus juice

Freeze lemon or lime juice in the ice cube tray (add some zest if you like) so you always have it at hand when you need it.

15. Use your zip-top bags more than once

If you’re in the habit of prepping for smoothies in advance by chopping up ingredients and freezing it in zip-top bags, just rinse out the empty bag with warm water and washing up liquid if needed, leave to dry upside down on your kitchen sink and use again.

16. Cleaning the blender

After making your smoothie, rinse out the blender immediately and you only have to wash it with washing up liquid every two days.


Do  you have other tips? Please let us know in the comments 🙂
/Sofia & Michael

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