Mood & Energy Boosting Ingredients

Week-4-introbild We can all use a little help in boosting and keeping our energy levels at this time of year. If you’re normally relying on coffee for this, here are some great natural alternatives for you.


Contains antioxidants in high doses with an energizing effect on the body.


Green tea contains plenty of energizing antioxidants, has a refreshing taste and lightly uplifting properties.


Containing excellent levels of iron & folic acid, beet root increases red blood cell count, which in turn increases oxygen in the body.


Bananas are full of natural energy and make for a great and natural snack just on its own. They are also fiber-rich and full of vitamins and minerals.


Mint is great for aiding digestion but the unique flavor also brings a refreshing and mood-lifting sensation.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds help regulate blood sugar levels and thereby spread out the energy throughout the day. No more dips at 11 am! Chia seeds are an ancient food and it is said that they were eaten by Aztec warriors to keep them going during a battle.


Cacao is a powerhouse of natural goodness. It’s packed with antioxidants, very rich in magnesium and full of serotonin that will lift your mood.


Cayenne pepper stimulates blood circulation, (without causing palpitation) providing energizing oxygen to the cells.


These tasty little berries are high in antioxidants and iron that help boost energy levels.

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